Eye issues that can be a setback

Diabetes attacks many parts of your body. The most vulnerable being your eyes. Your eyes grow extra blood vessels which left unchecked can release fluid that could blur or cause vision loss. When I was first diagnosed my eye doctor explained in a very blunt way about vision loss among diabetics. He explained controlling yourContinue reading “Eye issues that can be a setback”

Small setbacks and anxiety with your feet

Keeping your diabetes in check is an everyday struggle. In my case I have stuck to my diet and kept my A1C between 5.0-5-3 in the last three years. This goes a long way to keep my foot issues to a minimum. Diabetes has it’s own agenda though. Neuropathy in your feet is a commonContinue reading “Small setbacks and anxiety with your feet”

The self destruction of my health which led to diabetes

Diabetes is hereditary. It runs in my family. My father was borderline. My Uncle was type 1 and so is my cousin. There is no guarantee you’ll get it based on family history. If you have a healthy diet and exercise you can prevent diabetes. I didn’t. I’d have to say looking back on myContinue reading “The self destruction of my health which led to diabetes”

Daily and weekly routines to help with your A1c

Tonight I will discuss how presently I’ve kept my A1c between 5.0-5.3 in the last two years. First thing, I generally don’t cheat. Don’t get me wrong, around the holidays I might eat a piece of cake, or snacks I shouldn’t have. It’s the amount of days and portions that matter. If you partake atContinue reading “Daily and weekly routines to help with your A1c”