Be prepared

In the five plus years I’ve had diabetes I’ve controlled my sugar quite well. My A1C has been in the 5.0-5.7 range after all my surgeries and rehab. Your whole diet changes, hopefully for the better. You try to avoid high sugar snacks and candies as much as possible. Unfortunately with the holidays and summer barbecues you sometimes you eat candy or sugary desserts or snacks. The key is portion control.

For instance some candies may contain sugars that will spike your blood sugars and then crash them later.

I check my sugars whenI get home from a barbecue or holiday gathering. On one such occasion I had too much candy and when I got home and checked my sugar it was at 60. My doctors told me a healthy range would be 75-100. So 60 definitely is a concern.

The most important thing to do when your sugar is that low is to be prepared in your home with a quick sugar fix to elevate your blood sugar to a safer level. I always have candies and apple juice in my apartment in case of an emergency.

The key is to eat some candy and juice , and a small snack like nuts or string cheese, and wait about a half hour to recheck your blood sugar and see if at a stable level. My level went up to 92 and I was relieved.

Keep and emergency only supply of sugary candy and juices in your home in case of trouble. Apple juice, or cranberry juice are ok, but stay away from orange juice. It will have a crash and burn effect to your blood sugar.

You should also have sugary candy in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

This is just one of the crucial things you have to deal with as a diabetic. So watch your portions, and also be ready to expect the unexpected.

Stay safe and healthy!


Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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