Stay focused!

The hardest thing about being a diabetic is the toll it can take on your body. Sometimes no matter how careful and mindful your are about your daily routine, you can have bump in the road.

I had that bump in the road the last couple weeks. I had a form dermatitis on both feet. Dried skin , redness, mild swelling. Fortunately I saw my foot doctor and got a good steroid cream to put on them and it cleared up. This is my example of a bump in the road. It frustrates you because you do everything possible to keep yourself healthy and this happens.

I follow many pages on Facebook with various diabetic challenges. I follow many neuropathy pages, and many general diabetic pages. The thing in common with all these pages is the amount of frustration people vent about setbacks in their diabetic health.

It could be swelling of their feet, blurred vision, or a difficulty walking due to neuropathy. The worse thing you can do is get depressed or throw your hands up and give up. Talk to your friends, doctors, and family members about your issues. Seek medical help immediately if your condition worsens.

If your feet are swollen, prop them up on pillows and elevate them. Call your foot doctor immediately if the swelling remains. It could be an infection and needs to be treated quickly.

If your vision is blurred, make an appointment to see your eye doctor. It may time to get a new prescription for your glasses or contacts. It could also be you may need treatment for diabetic retinopathy. It may require laser treatments or shots to your eyes to keep your vision stable. I’ve have both treatments, they work well.

If you suffer from bad neuropathy it could be many things. Lack of exercise, nerve damage, and even weather change can affect your ability to walk without pain. Talk to your foot doctor and cardiologist about treatments and medications that can help. I always do leg and feet exercises in the morning and before bed, and it helps with the stiffness and cramping associated with neuropathy.

In the end don’t feel different or limited by diabetes. Help your fellow diabetics with personal experiences and the support they need. Remember you can still make a difference in this world, and live the life you want if you believe you can. Get a job helping diabetics with all kind of disabilities. That’s my goal. I’ve controlled my diabetes for over six years now with a low A1C range.5.0-5.7. You can do it too, with eating healthy and portion control. Believe in yourself!

Stay healthy and safe! I hope everyone had a nice Easter or Passover!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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