Two for one

Tonight I want to discuss a common everyday routine we as diabetics perform everyday. We prick our fingers two to three times a day to check our blood sugar reading. I check mine in the morning and and usually at the end of the day. On a Sunday I may check it before breakfast and before dinner. My numbers have remained solid for the past three years with an A1C ranging between 5.0-5.5. I’m proud of myself for keeping my numbers at a safe steady rate. It has helped my overall diabetic health issues immensely.

There is however a frustrating part of checking your blood sugar. Sometimes you may receive a high reading in the morning with one finger and then a lower reading with another finger. You may ask yourself how is this possible?

One possible reason may be your finger may be dirty or contain food residue from something you just ate. So wash your hands throughly before you check your sugar.

The second possible reason could be your meters battery is low or could be giving you a reading that may differ at least twenty points in a given direction. I read this in an article from a diabetic page I follow. Talk to your endocrinologist on your next visit. You’ll have your blood work completed before your visit to compare your meter readings with your bloodwork.

The other reason could be the sample of your blood could differ from drop to drop. Did you ever notice when you squeeze your finger lightly your blood may be watery, but when you squeeze a little harder it’s thicker and more solid looking. I read on a online blog entitled One where the blogger described how your blood glucose molecules change with your blood flow.

In the end don’t panic! On your next visit to your diabetic doctor bring your meter and compare the meter readings with your bloodwork. The best advice I can give you is to eat regularly. Three meals a day, with each meal two to four hours apart. If you have a small snack before bed this also helps keeping your numbers stable. I’ve found the nights I don’t have a snack my reading the next morning may be higher than normal. Try to stick to a steady meal plan to keep your numbers stable.

If you have to check two fingers to get the better reading for your own sanity, by all means go ahead. Just remember your bloodwork is the most accurate blood sugar reading you’ll get.

My next blog will deal with neuropathy and how seasonal weather changes can affect you.Stay safe and healthy!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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