Choose wisely

One of the most important things a diabetic can do is meal planning. Eating regularly and healthy can stabilize your blood sugar. I cook and prepare my meals for the whole week usually on Fridays.

I go grocery shopping that morning, and cook in the afternoon. While you’re at the supermarket read labels on every item you choose. Look for items with low sugar, low fat and low salt.

I always start in the produce department, and choose the same fruits every week. Strawberries, blueberries, apples and grapes. I also watch the portion size when I put these items in my lunch and dinner, as well as when I eat strawberries for instance in the morning.

The next items I usually get are water and low fat snacks like nuts(peanuts, cashews and almonds),that aren’t honey roasted. Popcorn you make in a air popper is a healthy snack also once a week. I also buy sugar free candy with Stevia in it.

The next thing I do is pick a main course for the week. I usually choose chicken, pork or fish. I never fry these items, just bake or grill them. I try to buy enough of an item to get five meals out of them. So spread your portions out for the week.

I then choose side dishes like veggie pasta, vegetables, brown rice and once a month pork and beans. Again you should be able to make these sides last all week. I usually get frozen veggies, but as always fresh are the best.

If I buy a dessert it’s usually sugar free ice cream with Stevia or monk fruit in it. Try to limit your ice cream to twice a week at most.

The last thing I get is my breakfast items like eggs, low fat cheese for an omelette like mozzarella. I also buy low fat mozzarella string cheese as a snack item. I always buy unsalted butter for cooking and as a spread to help with my cholesterol and lowering my blood pressure. The only english muffin I buy for breakfast are whole wheat, which I have on weekends only.

Once I have cooked on my items at home, I then portion out each meal into small containers for each day. Try to portion each item according to serving sizes. I’ve been following this plan since I’ve got out of the hospital and rehab for almost six years now, and my A1C has been in the 5.0-5.5 range. This plan is based on a six day work week, with one day eating at home, except for lunch on a short work day. It’s helped me stay relatively healthy and avoid further surgeries and setbacks. So give it a try.On the weekends try to treat yourself to dinner or lunch via takeout or dinning with a local small business restaurant. You have go off your normal schedule at least one day, but remember the next day get right back on your normal diet.

I hope these tips help and look forward to continue to share my advice and experiences as a diabetic. My next blog will continue to stress healthy habits as a diabetic. Stay safe and healthy!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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