Lowering your A1C

One of most important stats for a diabetic is their A1C. This determines how high your blood sugar is and there are ranges you and your doctor can keep track of. I see my doctor twice a year and have bloodwork done to see how I’m doing.

I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2016. When I entered the hospital my A1C was 9.0. Currently it’s 5.5. It took a complete overhaul of my diet, rehabilitation, several operations and amputations on both feet for me to lower my sugars.

The first thing you must do is change your diet. No more fried foods,processed foods,fast food, sugary desserts, or excess alcohol. Say hello to sugarless candy or desserts, a healthy meal plan with chicken , pork and fish. Make vegetables and fruits apart of every meal when possible. If you must snack, eat nuts, low fat mozzarella string cheese and sugar free candy. Stay away from dried fruits as much as possible.

Holidays can be challenging for your diet. You can treat yourself to small portions of holiday desserts, but get back on your diet the next day.

I also try to treat myself to lunch out on Sundays with healthy choices. The most important thing is to do it for yourself and your family and friends who support you in your fight against diabetes. Check your sugars two to three times daily. Consult your endocrinologist for when to check your sugars. I check mine before and after meals. Find a good meter to check your sugars with. I use the one touch Verio flex. Check out the prices of test strips and lancets, and how much your insurance will cover.

I hope these suggestions help, and would be glad to answer any questions and would like to hear your stories of your diabetic journey.

Stay healthy and safe. My next blog will continue to talk about ways of making diabetes bearable.

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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