Comfortably Numb

Today I want to talk about neuropathy in the feet and how I have dealt with it. I’ve had many operations to both my feet due to damage caused by diabetes. I’ve lost toes, and I was lucky to have a good rehabilitation program to learn to walk properly again.

Unfortunately the nerve damage in my feet was severe and like many diabetics I suffer from neuropathy. My feet are numb most of the time, so I have to be extra careful when I bang my feet into something by accident. I always check for swelling, bruises or blisters on a daily basis. I have regained some feeling in my right foot, which my foot doctor said would happen, but for the most part my feet are stiff.

There are several exercises and bedtime routines I have found that help your feet feel less stiff, and help me sleep better.I always due a few sets of foot exercises before I go to bed. The first one I use an exercise band. I put the band under my right foot with my slipper on and perform two sets of leg lifts. Repeat the process for your left foot.

I then roll my feet up and down one at a time without the band. Two sets of 34 reps per foot. These exercises help with circulation and less stiffness in my feet.

I then prop my feet up on two pillows. I usually do this if I have swelling in my feet, but I’ve found it also takes some of the stiffness away, which in turn helps you sleep better.

Walking is also a good way to relieve stiffness. I understand everyone has different degrees of neuropathy , and that these exercises may or may not help. Everyone deals with neuropathy and its pain in their own way. These exercises work for me, and I hope they can help you.

My goal with my blog is help others through my experiences. I will continue write about things that help me with my diabetic life.

Stay safe and healthy!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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