An apple a day…

Today I want to talk about what fruits I’ve found that are diabetic friendly and help control your sugar.

I eat three servings of fruit usually six days a week, not counting holidays. I eat strawberries, apples and grapes to go along with each meal.

Let me first talk about strawberries, or any berries for that matter. Berries are good for diabetics because they don’t spike your blood sugar, are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. They are definitely a healthy carb. I have eggs 4 to five times a week with strawberries, and blueberries are a nice compliment to a serving of whole grain oatmeal.

Small to medium apples are a healthy compliment to any meal. They’re loaded with fiber, and with the right portion, won’t spike your blood sugar.

Grapes are also a healthy dessert for a diabetic, if you follow the portion size. 12 grapes are plenty. If you eat the normal portion, your blood sugar won’t raise.

The fruits I would stay away from are oranges for their high sugar amount, bananas have a high amount of carbs, and will also taste like you’re eating pure sugar, compared to other fruits. The worst fruits of all are dried fruits like raisins, or dried cranberries, which taste like you’re eating candy, and will spike your blood sugar. If you have raisins for example, limit your portion. It goes without saying to stay away from chocolate covered raisins, which are high in sugar.

Summer fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe,and pineapple are ok if you have a small portion. They are contain essential vitamins, with watermelon containing the most sugar.

The most important thing is to make healthy fruits a part of your diet. Watch your portions!

My next blog I will discuss if I had any side effects to my second covid shot, and continue to talk about healthy meal choices. Stay healthy and safe!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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