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Today I want to talk about ways we as diabetics can support each other. This past year has been very difficult with Covid and a disruption to our normal lives. We’ve had to be extra careful by wearing masks, washing our hands more often, and social distancing. We were unable to see our family and friends as much as we would have liked to. There are ways that we can help one another not just during the coronavirus outbreak, but everyday living.

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The first thing would be common courtesy. Holding a door for someone in a wheelchair, walking with a walker or walking on crutches. Let people with these difficulties come down an aisle in a grocery store before you.

The second thing would be to share extra diabetic supplies with fellow diabetics. It could extra lancets, test strips, or even bandages. The cost of diabetic supplies even with insurance can be astronomical.

The most important would be to share your personal experiences with your fellow diabetics through blogs, web sites, or just a simple phone call. Let people know how you continue to fight this disease everyday through good dieting and exercise.

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These are just friendly reminders that we’re all in this together. Diabetes can be controlled and maybe defeated someday with good habits and caring for each other. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to still walk and see after several operations and procedures. Without my friends and family supporting me from day one I wouldn’t be here. Stay positive and remember your’e never alone. Join support groups, talk to friends and family members who have diabetes, and find healthy distractions to take your mind off the down side of this disease. I hope this blog will give you some positive ideas and as always I encourage feedback!

My next blog I will talk more about how we can help one another. Stay safe and healthy!

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I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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