Keeping up with your health plan

Today I want to talk about health insurance, and the importance of maintaining your current plan to help ease the burden as a diabetic.

I live in Pa. I am no longer able to purchase insurance on My state has it’s own exchange now called Pennie. Through this exchange I am able to still afford health insurance with the help of federal assistance.

Before I had Obamacare I was unable to afford health insurance, due to high premium prices. This plan has saved my life, and has made it possible to take care of my diabetes, and remain healthy.

There are several parts of my plan I want to talk about, and how they are important to my situation and how it might comparable to your plan.

First make sure your doctors accept your insurance, and find out ahead of time of added costs you’ll may be responsible to pay for. My diabetic shoes for example aren’t 100% covered. My shoes generally cost about $2000 dollars. I usually have to pay $500 of my own money to pay for them. Fortunately the place where I get the shoes offers payment plans to ease the burden of this high bill. My plan calls the shoes durable medical equipment, and doesn’t fully cover them. This plan I can afford, so I have to deal with this.

Second my eye care. My doctor only gives injections to my eye when needed out of state. This means if I want to continue seeing him every time I need an injection the out of pocket cost is roughly $300. I now have to change my eye doctor of 45 years because of insurance restrictions. I am switching to a doctor that does all procedures in network.

Third. My insurance covers Covid testing. I have to get one tomorrow, because I might have been exposed. Fingers crossed!

So beware of of these fees and conditions in your health plan choices. In the end we pick a plan that is affordable and accepted by our doctors. I also receive financial assistance through my hospital which helps with prescription costs and medical procedures. Check with your local hospital for similar assistance.

I hope this information is helpful and as always stay healthy and safe this holiday season.

My next blog I will talk about my Covid test results, and what steps can be taken to stay safe as a diabetic. I’ve been healthy so far…..

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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