Face your fears

Today’s blog I will discuss fear and it has affected me as a diabetic, and ways to ease your anxiety.

I’ve talked before about my many fears as a diabetic. I often worry about losing a foot, or my vision due to diabetes. It could be a concerning doctor visit, a blister or red mark on your foot, or even blurred vision. I’ve had all of these.

The other day my left eye was blurry and shaking for a few seconds. This has happened before when was I first was diagnosed. It was usually a longer episode of blurred vision, and not so short and a tremor like feeling. Fortunately I’m seeing my eye doctor this Tuesday and I can tell him about this day, and he will examine my eye extensively to see if any problem is present. I’ve read on numerous web groups I belong to similar stories. Some people have said it was a drop in sugar, which may require a sugar spike to even things out. Others have had mini stroke symptoms that have caused this. I will share my doctors diagnosis next week on this blog to help others going through the same thing. The fear is always there of a possible vision problem, but I’ve learned not to dwell on something until I get the word from the doctor.

My best defense against fear is music. I enjoy listening to a variety of types of music. Classical, metal, rock, country , and some pop. I also play and teach guitar which helps alleviate stress. I was saddened to learn my all time favorite guitar player Eddie Van Halen had passed away this week.He was the reason I picked up the guitar. I would watch videos, listen to his records and go to his concerts frequently because his music made me happy and he always looked like he was having a great time playing on stage. I always teach my students to always smile when you perform, this way even if you mess up the audience doesn’t notice as much. Of course when Eddie would mess up, you never recognize it. The great ones can always cover up their mistakes.

The greatest lesson I learned from watching him is to have fun while you’re playing guitar, and when you’re down pick up the guitar or listen to music to calm you down. Try to have a positive outlook on life. Eddie was dealing with cancer treatment, but the way he looked and played on stage, you would never know it.

I try to follow that example whether playing or teaching the guitar. Yes diabetes is a horrible disease, which can lead to many health complications. You learn to deal with each success or failure as it comes. Find your outlet to relieve stress. Trust me it goes a long way to your healing and continued good health.

Eddie Van Halen had a great approach to playing the guitar. Just plug in and play and find your sound. If it comes from your heart, it’s right. This is a great life lesson to me. Be yourself, help others, and take care of yourself by finding that outlet to relieve your stress and anxiety. Don’t let diabetes rule your life in a negative way. Look for the positives. I know now I’m eating better, and care about my health more. Stay safe and healthly!

Next week I will discuss my eye visit and diagnosis and continue to talk about fear.

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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