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Diabetes is a life changing event that I wasn’t prepared for. It’s not just the foot surgeries, eye issues and the change of diet that seems overwhelming some days. It’s the hope for a cure, or just keeping my A1C in the 5.0-5.3 range that I think of constantly.

Like any disease, there’s so much information out there that can help you keep up the fight. I have started this blog for instance to help others see they’re not alone in fighting this disease. I have found many Diabetic groups on Facebook and Linkedin that have many people going through the same problems and successes I have.

A good example would be a diabetic neuropathy group I’ve joined. People have put pictures of their foot swollen or ulcers forming on the bottom of their foot and ask for advice on how serious their condition can become. The obvious answer is to seek medical attention, but it’s a good thing to let people know what to expect for future treatments and possible surgeries. Simple advice like propping your foot up on a few pillows to help reduce the swelling is something a person may need to hear to put their mind at ease.

My second example is a group I joined through Facebook dealing with Diabetic Retinopathy which deals with eye issues diabetics deal with. This would include laser treatments to stop blood vessels from leaking fluid or injections in the eye to stop fluid from leaking.

The concerns people have are the after effects a laser treatments, such as headaches and sometimes floaters they’ll see after a treatment. I’ve had these treatments done and have had these symptoms afterwards. I’ll tell people how the headaches will go away and the floaters will lessen also. If either of these symptoms don’t go away, I’ll say call your doctor or wait a day or so for improvement.

The other concern people have is when they get an injection in the eye and the redness in the eye afterwards. My doctor sees me the very next day to check for infection after the shot. The redness goes away within a few days. I like letting people know I’ve been there and I sympathize with their concerns.

My goal for this blog is to help others deal with these issues. I would love to hear feedback from my fellow diabetics.

The last part of this blog deals with my interests and hobbies I have that keep my mind off my diabetes. I’m a guitarist and music teacher. I love seeing my students finish a song and play it well. I love the challenge of teaching people of all ages and abilities. I have taught autistic kids and I learn so much about how to teach them to excel with their abilities. Someone said we learn the most when we’re teaching and that’s so true!

I also recently have become more interested in Climate change. I’ve read several books by Greta Thunberg and have learned alot about our planet and ways in which we can help our climate . Ms. Thunberg is autistic and accomplished so much in awareness and fighting climate change. She is a good example of how one person, one voice can make a difference. My advice would be write a blog, join an online group and help others.

My other interests are music, as long as it’s good. I love to cook.I love Halloween and Christmas the most and decorate my apartment year round. These are just a few ways I keep myself busy and informed about Diabetes and keep my sanity. Discover your own interests, hobbies and inspirational people to help keep a positive outlook on life!

My next blog I will discuss ideas on how diabetics can help each other and what to expect from your insurance company in helping pay for your diabetic supplies, and places on the web and stores to find your best value for your supplies. Stay safe and healthy!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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