Dealing with Diabetes during this pandemic

Covid 19 has affected all of our lives one way or another. The isolation, the uncertainty of job security, and if you’re a diabetic the challenge of exercising and sticking to your diet. All these factors equal stress. The shock of staying home and not going to work everyday is not something you look forward to. I am lucky that I’m a guitar teacher and can teach online. During the pandemic I was teaching and going to work once a week to do paperwork, so I wasn’t that affected as others may have been. The days home are long, and you look for things to keep you occupied. Cleaning your apartment, practicing guitar, taking a walk when possible, and unfortunately eating more than usual. I know I gained some weight, mostly because I would go to a local orchard that just happened to have hot meals and took advantage.

My weekly meal prep during normal circumstances consisted of packing my lunch and dinner for work. I don’t eat out for lunch anymore. During this pandemic I continued to put my dinners in containers, but lunches were made day to day. I guess it was something to look forward to getting take out for lunch. I didn’t revert back to bad habits like fried foods or sweets, but I would eat more potatoes as a side. I made more sandwiches a week than ever before. I still used wheat bread for them, but anything in excess isn’t a good thing. Three months at home mostly isn’t the best for anybody. That’s no excuse to eat more, but I did.

My situation has returned to some normalcy. I am back to work with shorter hours, and I still teach online. My meal prep has also returned to normal. The lesson I learned is to keep your meal routine the same. This is better for your health and piece of mind.

The other different thing you go through is your doctors appointments. You have to wait in you car before entering the hospital or office. The anxiety of waiting to go into your doctors office can be nerve racking. You’re already worried about catching the virus, and you also worry how the lack of activity can affect your health. With my foot and eye issues I always hoped for the best, and was lucky everything was stable.

The best thing I have taken away from this pandemic is the blogs I’m writing. They’re therapeutic and if can help others that’s a good thing. In closing wear your mask for the safety of yourself and others. Avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing. If you feel alone or depressed call a friend or family member to cheer you up. Find an outlet to keep your sanity. Music is mine. Don’t cling to the TV and the news constantly. Take a walk or facetime or skype a friend. Remember, keep yourself healthy and help those who need it like family or friends.

My next blog will further deal with the anxiety of being a diabetic. Stay safe and healthy! Happy 4th!

Published by mugler728

I am a 50 year old man who was diagnosed with Diabetes a little more than two years ago.I have lost toes on both feet and have complications to my eyes due to this disease,

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