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Healthy Distractions

Today I want to talk about the mental stress of being a diabetic during this pandemic. We all have our share of problems. I lost some toes, and am constantly receiving laser treatments and shots to the eyes to keep my vision steady. During this pandemic, our stress level goes up every day. We haveContinue reading “Healthy Distractions”

Loosen up

Today I want to talk about exercises that can help with neuropathy. I follow several blogs on Facebook that deal with pain and stiffness caused by neuropathy. My neuropathy was caused by the amputations of toes and poor circulation from complications of diabetes. The most common problem from neuropathy is stiffness and pain in yourContinue reading “Loosen up”

Life is hope

Today I want continue talking about how diabetics can help one another. Common courtesy goes a long way. Talking to your fellow diabetics about your diagnosis, past surgeries, rehabilitation, and how you are coping with this disease are all important steps to having a successful future. I think the most valuable thing you can passContinue reading “Life is hope”

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