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Support for diabetics with amputations, eye issues relating to type 2 diabetes!!

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Learn to adjust

Today’s blog will deal with more examples of anxiety and fear. Last blog I talked about my left eye shaking for a time one day. I was worried my vision could be in jeopardy. Thankfully I saw the eye doctor this past week and he told me everything was fine, and that the brief fewContinue reading “Learn to adjust”

Face your fears

Today’s blog I will discuss fear and it has affected me as a diabetic, and ways to ease your anxiety. I’ve talked before about my many fears as a diabetic. I often worry about losing a foot, or my vision due to diabetes. It could be a concerning doctor visit, a blister or red markContinue reading “Face your fears”

Calm down

I started this blog for the purpose of helping diabetics deal with the same type issues I have. My foot and eye issues are the main focus of this blog. I have learned so much since starting this blog about how everyone deals with their own issues through joining support groups on Facebook and Linkedin.Continue reading “Calm down”

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