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Be thankful.

Today’s blog I’m going to talk about what I am thankful for. I’m still researching the right medical insurance plan. I will get back to that subject in a few weeks. During this pandemic and the last four plus years I’ve gone through my share of successes and setbacks. I’ve had my feet operated onContinue reading “Be thankful.”

Portion control

Today’s blog I will discuss portion control. If I look back to the biggest reason I was diagnosed with diabetes, with all the toe amputations, and vision problems due to this disease, overeating would have to be the greatest factor to all my problems. Sitting around eating junk food, sugar filled candy and desserts withContinue reading “Portion control”

Learn to adjust

Today’s blog will deal with more examples of anxiety and fear. Last blog I talked about my left eye shaking for a time one day. I was worried my vision could be in jeopardy. Thankfully I saw the eye doctor this past week and he told me everything was fine, and that the brief fewContinue reading “Learn to adjust”

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