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For the sake of sanity

Today I want to talk about mental issues facing many diabetics everyday, and share some of my personal experiences about how I stay sane. Diabetes is challenging disease and can affect your body in many ways. In my case I lost toes and have had blurred vision, high blood pressure and kidney issues. Changing yourContinue reading “For the sake of sanity”

A small victory

This short is a victory update for people with Type 1 diabetes. Congress passed a bill to cap insulin price for diabetics on medicare to 35.00. There are still millions in this country who can barely afford this life saving medication, and those who can’t. Make sure you get out and vote for all offices.Continue reading “A small victory”

Staying focused

The hardest thing for a diabetic is follow your diet religiously. Any interruption of your normal daily routine can alter your health. It could be a sweet dessert from a party, that could lead to another sweet dessert or candy. You may check your glucose levels and find a scary drop one part of yourContinue reading “Staying focused”

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