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Life is hope

Today I want continue talking about how diabetics can help one another. Common courtesy goes a long way. Talking to your fellow diabetics about your diagnosis, past surgeries, rehabilitation, and how you are coping with this disease are all important steps to having a successful future. I think the most valuable thing you can passContinue reading “Life is hope”

Support each other

Today I want to talk about ways we as diabetics can support each other. This past year has been very difficult with Covid and a disruption to our normal lives. We’ve had to be extra careful by wearing masks, washing our hands more often, and social distancing. We were unable to see our family andContinue reading “Support each other”

New Year, Same plan

Happy New Year! I’d like to briefly discuss my health care plan for 2021. I’m in Pa. and instead going to Healthcare.gov to pick or renew a plan, I had to go to Pennie.com to renew my insurance. I have the same coverage, with a slightly lower premium. My doctors accept the insurance. I wasContinue reading “New Year, Same plan”

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