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Warning signs

Happy holidays! Today I’d like offer an update on my visit to the kidney specialist. I’m in no immediate danger, but I have to maintain my stable diabetic numbers. I’ll have to get an ultrasound for my kidneys before my next visit to this doctor in about six months as a precaution to see ifContinue reading “Warning signs”

What I’m Thankful for

Thanksgiving day is here and I wanted to express what I’m thankful for. Being a diabetic has many challenges, especially the various health issues. In my case that involves multiple ones I’ve discussed many times on my blogs about my foot issues. I’ve lost toes, had to go through rehab to walk properly again. I’mContinue reading “What I’m Thankful for”

World diabetes day

Today is World diabetes day! If you’re a diabetic like myself this is a day to be thankful for all the great doctors, nurses, friends and family who have taken care of me since my diagnosis in 2016. I’m grateful to be able to walk and see well even with all my complications I’ve enduredContinue reading “World diabetes day”

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